Hello hello, I'm Bugson! You can call me by any nickname as well.
Consider me a little bug on the ground you just found. Richard to some Bugson to many as they say..

Image of hissing roahces with anime faces on them.

Description of self
Bugson is my pen name! I was born the first of July 2004, it/its but any are a-okay!
I am fond of insects, corpses and carcasses, true crime, unusual topics in general and philosophical debates.
The human experience is uncomfortable to me, causing me to see the world from a somewhat different perspective.
Nonetheless I try to be healthy and as human as I can be..

I try not to let my interests and circumstances reflect into my personality.
I do genuinely like getting to know people, However don't mistake me for a social butterfly.

My favourite animal is the Madagascar hissing cockroach! My favourite colour is beige.
Anything that represents my rather unappealing interests satisfies me.

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