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Finally added some of my music playlists! I still have a lot of music to gather and sort out but I thought I'd add the tab merely for convenience.. I try to rely on listing to downloaded music these days.. But it is still a work in progress, really!.. I've been back from my vacation since yesterday now and it really made it clear to me that I have a tendency to waste my time away behind a screen despite not particularly being fond of it, so I hope to teach myself some self-control.. Got to scold myself like an untrained dog, arf arf!

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Back at it! I am trying to behave and really stray my gaze from the technical wiresome horrors that is the landscape of social media, and the wired life in general! I've been tracking myself like quite the specimen, and I've been trying to limit and simplify my life and perspective on such a complicated matter in a way that leaves me satisfied and healthy.. As I am quite and well aware I must require a head of discipline if I were to truly live a satisfactory life, even as a NEET. I've been behaving, I've been maintained, I've been well.

19/04/2024 Planning to make the homepage simpler after all.. I shall see when I will do this! Even for little I this is a bit crowded..

16/04/2024 Meeting my best friend Gummie after 8 years went smoothly! 10+ hours on public transport within a week sure is something though.. Going to try my third attempt of my driving license tomorrow, and hope I'll pass so I can focus on other things better! Apart from being a bit sluggish I am doing fine! And have been able to keep myself and my emotions in check. I do know my lack of emotion makes me very creatively unavailable. I hope to find a solution for this.

31/03/2024 Added Gameplays to Show listing!
Today was pleasant as I managed not to be behind a screen excessively.. Unfortunately though I had to rid of another mite infestation in the Morio enclosure [Do not feed grains, it attracts them]. It was good though, I admittedly had been neglecting them and it is a weight off my shoulders to feel like I fixed all the issues I've been ignoring for a bit now. Cleaning and sorting out anything at all eases my mind, so I am glad to have picked up this activity properly once more. My dissociation has been rather disorienting, so it helps to feel like I have control over something at the very least.

30/03/2024 General website update!
Sincerest apologies for making the website rather inaccesible to anyone other than PC users.. It was just in need of a new format that'll fortunately help me maintain it better! And I am generally a rather scatter-brained person.. So a scatter-brained format would do better.. I hope to share a lot more to this website!

27/07/2023 Homepage layout simplified, Huge show listing update, Die Parasieten is being rewritten (again) I apologize for any inconveniences

06/03/2023 Die Parasieten Video two added and Philosophies in inhumane thought activities.

08/02/2023 Slight format updates to Home and Journal, New section added

27/01/2023 Change of formatting for the Die Parasieten Passage One Summary and first video added

29/12/2022 Projects now has my WHOLE character list.

19/12/2022 Die Parasieten character page Amandel Court added, story update 2 pages in journal

18/12/2022 Die Parasieten character page update! Zavier information change and Vasilli Kuznetov profile added.

13/12/2022 Die Parasieten page update! 3 new journal pages added, alongside a new summary.

12/12/2022 Die Parasieten has started it's rewriting, the introduction is far different now.

28/11/2022 Die Parasieten has a map added!

16/11/2022 Journal Restart, Author notes update, Human Study format update, Dream journal deleted, Playlist added to Zavier's Character profile

14/11/2022 Die Parasieten Passage one Journal redraw

13/11/2022 Die Parasieten formatting update

12/11/2022 Website name change

22/10/2022 General website updates!

10/10/2022 Slight Dream Journal Update!

10/10/2022 FINISHED THE CAMERA GIF IT TOOK SOOO LONGGGG also another file added... Am I done?? Basically???

09/10/2022 Finished Zavier's character profile, bravo! Also I fixed up the navigation bar!!!!!!!!


25/08/2022 All Item Icons done! As well as the Notebook and Video Code. And some text for the top options!

24/08/2022 Two Icons remade
23/08/2022 Die Parasieten updated, Computer link works now! This will take a whilleeeee..

22/08/2022 Website was edited! Project Die Parasieten Was updated.

02/08/2022 Die Parasieten Summary Notepad and bag drawing was updated!

01/08/2022 Projects was created!

31/07/2022 Creepypasta and Creepypasta information. got updated, Grammar check and fixes on whole website (So far).

30/07/2022 Die Parasieten novel first "Chapters" has been published.

29/07/2022 Human study, Kinlist, Journal and Home was updated.

26/07/2022 Dream Diary and Home were updated!

25/07/2022 Show listing was updated!

24/07/2022 Work done on website quality! Home page, Index and Author notes was updated!

03/06/2022 Project Die Parasieten html update!

22/05/2022 Project Die Parasieten notebook update!

20/05/2022 Project Die Parasieten is back up, sorry for the long wait. :3

15/03/2022 Project Die Parasieten temporarily on hold for slight update.

25/02/2022 Project Die Parasieten has it's first introduction! Click on the camera and feel free to look through the current findings.

25/02/2022 The whole website should be easier to read now. :)

25/02/2022 Creepypasta information was updated.

25/02/2022 Creepypasta writing was updated.

25/02/2022 Dream diary was updated.

25/02/2022 Show listing was updated.

25/02/2022 Author notes was updated.

24/02/2022 Home update.

08/12/2021 Slight home update.

29/11/2021 Dream diary was updated.

17/11/2021 Creepypasta information.

16/11/2021 Creepypasta writing got added.

12/11/2021 Music got added in home and Author notes.

11/11/2021 Notes updated to Author notes.

10/11/2021 Dream diary was created.

10/11/2021 Strange camera.

02/11/2021 Study of human perception was updated.

01/11/2021 Study of human perception was created.

27/10/2021 Show listing was created.

27/10/2021 Notes was created.

27/10/2021 Website got restarted.